In 1909 T.T. Michaud purchased 300+ acres of land along beautiful Soldier Pond, including the homestead where the Michaud-Powell Home remains today, from his father Thomas T. Michaud. It has been reported that Thomas T. Michaud's grandfather obtained this land in return for his service in the War of 1812.

T.T. was a wealthy man who was a logger, farmer, and property owner. T.T. and his wife Nellie Martin built the large Michaud Home between the years of 1909 - 1910, and built the family general store beside their residence shortly thereafter. The store served as a potato brokerage for local potato growers and as a general store for the community. One of the original store ledgers from 1923 is on display for your viewing in the library of Four Seasons Inn.

T.T. and wife Nellie had seven children during their years together in Soldier Pond. Daughters Corinne and Mamie, and sons Arthur, Walter, Gordon, Chester, and Wilbred.

T.T. left the area in 1920. His wife Nellie took over ownership of the home, store and properties in 1920, by the decree of a court order following their divorce.

In 1922 Nellie deeded the house to her seven minor children possibly to secure their inheritance. Sometime after 1924 Nellie gave the store and the land it was built on to the Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine. Today, St. Joseph's Catholic Church occupies the place of the general store.

In the early 1930's, Gordon Michaud, son of T.T. and Nellie, resided in the family homestead with his wife and mother Nellie. In 1937, Mrs. Barbara Michaud-Bird, who presently resides in Cross Lake, Maine, was born in the China and Flowers Room of the historic inn. Mrs. Bird reports living in the Michaud home with her parents until she was about 2 1/2 years old, when her family moved to Connecticutt around 1940.

During World War II, six of the seven Michaud children joined various branches of the military and served our country. Two of T.T. and Nellie's sons suffered shell shock and never married. One of their daughters, Mamie, served in WWII in the air force as a nurse. Upon returning home from the war, Mamie continued her career as a school nurse visiting children from Allagash to Winterville. Mamie also took care of her mother Nellie during this time period.

Mamie was well loved and known throughout the area for her many charitable deeds. In 1946, Mamie became the caretaker and sole owner of her childhood home. Records show that in 1949, Mamie gave the Town of Soldier Pond permission to build a road by her home, which is present day Church Street.

In 1951, Mamie's brother Gordon moved back from Connecticut with his family and resided in the Michaud home with his mother and sister, Mamie. Mrs. Barbara Michaud-Bird remembers helping with meals for the railroad and bridge crews who rented rooms on the third floor of the home while working locally. This was the first time that part of the home had been utilized as a bed and breakfast. In 1955, Mrs. Bird graduated from high school and her parents returned to Connecticut. Mamie continued to reside in the home until her marriage to Floyd Powell, when the newlywed couple moved into his home in Fort Kent.

Mr. Powell was a professor at the Unversity of Maine at Fort Kent and a state representative. Having married late in life, the Powell's had no children, and upon Mr. Powell's death, Mamie once again returned to her childhood home. During her later years, Mamie developed cataracts and hired local neighbors to care for her and her home, where she remained until her death. The Powell's were well known throughout the local communities for their generosity and service. Powell Hall at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, and Powell Memorial in Eagle Lake serve as monuments to the couple's deeds.

In 1981, while residing in Fort Kent with her husband, Mamie deeded the home to her brother, Gordon Michaud. Gordon, residing in Lakeland, Florida, placed caretakers over the property. In 1990, Gordon deeded the property to two of his children, Gordon F. Michaud and Barbara Michaud-Bird. During this time, for short periods, the house was empty and used as a Rectory.

In 1998, Brian Pinette and Kathy Bowers purchased the home with the intent of turning it into a bed and breakfast. They lived in the home with their children until 2007. On September 4, 2007, Mr. Ammon Stolzfus purchased the historic property with the dream of restoring it to its early 20th century beauty. Mr. Stolzfus recognized the historic value and positive impact restoring the splendid home would bring to the community of Soldier Pond Village. Today, Ammon's dream has become a magnificent reality. We believe Mrs. Mamie Michaud-Powell would be pleased to see her splendid home open to the public as an historic landmark Bed and Breakfast. Four Seasons Inn invites you to come back to the turn of the century where luxury awaits you as our guest.


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